Aircraft Interior Upholstery + Carpeting


Cabin interiors for the aviation industry have to be durable and comfortable. Boxmark’s Aircraft Upholstery Leather offers both; it conforms to standards and adds a touch of class to the cabin. Boxmark is one of the few suppliers of flame-retarding equipped leather.

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Offered in two leather qualities:


XTREME Aircraft offers the perfect protection against soiling and wear in the Cabin Interior and, what is more, is extremely easy to clean. The natural look, the technical properties as well as the outstandingly high flex fastness properties, even at freezing temperatures, can be kept over many years. This added benfit and a variable area weight of 700 – 1,200 g/ m² gives us another cutting edge in the VIP, aircraft and business jet area.

XTREME Aircraft leather is flame resistant according to the FAR/JAR/CS 25.853 F to art 25 part § 1 (a)(1)standards; pleaseask for other standards as well.









XLIGHT is a leather that is convincing due to its low weight of 600 g/m2 (already laminated). The chemical and physical properties of the leather remain unchanged . This special material reduces the total weight of each vehicle, resulting in fuel savings and consequently lower pollutant emissions – meaning cost saving and a contribution to sustainability. XLIGHT meets all international standards, it is easy to clean, durable and is the solution for an efficient reduction in weight.

XLIGHT is also available with XTREME treatment.


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